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How DNS Anycast works behind the Great Firewall of China


8 mins

What is DNS Anycast? What’s DNS? Domain name system (DNS) is like a phone book for the internet, it turns www websites into IP addresses that devices […]

7 tips to boost your website speed in China


7 mins

Internet users in China are accustomed to lightning-fast load times from local websites and mobile apps. If you’re a foreign business looking to win over the Chinese […]

Consumer trends: 5 unique habits of online shoppers in China


5 mins

China logged a total of 782 million e-commerce online shoppers in 2020. Interestingly, this has led industry experts to forecast that this year, more than half of […]

WebRTC in China, a golden opportunity or a dead end?


7 mins

Live video streaming has gone from eccentricity to necessity, especially in the China market where live media is exploding. WebRTC is a technology that supports web applications […]

Why now’s the time to launch an eLearning business in China


5 mins

In 2020, China launched two official eLearning platforms in partnership with the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education. The online learning platforms, XuetangX and iCourse International, […]

A guide to web hosting in China


7 mins

Web hosting in China is often misunderstood if you’re new to the topic. This guide takes you through everything you need to know about China web hosting, […]

Why cross-browser testing is critical to your business in China


4 mins

Let’s say you’ve already received your ICP license and are ready to launch your website or app in China. Images are loading, videos are playing, and the […]

The rising popularity of QR codes in China why you need them


8 mins

With the deeper penetration of smartphones and the integration of native camera apps, QR codes in China have become commonplace. It has helped develop a consumer habit […]

Why you need to optimize for native mobile web browsers in China (part 2)


5 mins

Let's take a closer look at a few of the most popular mobile browsing platforms in China, along with compatibility and features. Top 5 Chinese mobile browsers […]