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Unlocking Success in the Chinese Software Market: The Power of Crowdtesting


4 mins

Entering the dynamic Chinese software market is like embarking on an exhilarating adventure, but it's also a complex and challenging journey. To thrive in this vast and […]

Software development in China dos and don'ts


6 mins

Have you ever wondered how software development in China differs from the rest of the world? Are you developing a site for Chinese audiences? What are Chinese […]

Top 3 Infrastructure Setup Options for Foreign Businesses in China


6 mins

Foreign businesses face many unique challenges regarding online infrastructure in China. If your business chooses to host its services in China, it should know that the country […]

A Guide To Web Hosting in China


7 mins

Web hosting in China is often misunderstood if you’re new to the topic. This guide takes you through everything you need to know about China web hosting, […]

Top 3 Reasons That Foreign Websites Do Not Work in China


5 mins

China contains an enormous and hungry market for foreign products, especially among the younger generation. Chinese users are also highly active online — so, for a foreign […]

Let the professional tell you why you don’t (always) need an ICP license


5 mins

To serve the Chinese market, companies have previously believed they needed to have an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license. This is not necessarily correct. Obtaining an ICP license […]

China VPN: Is it legal in China?


6 mins

Whether VPNs are legal or illegal in China, website operators should understand that a VPN does not solve China's internet censorship problems as it is used almost like a last resort. Most website users will move to a competitor in a heartbeat if yours fails to load. Websites that load slowly or with persistent connection challenges may lose the lucrative Chinese market to other competitors. It is vital to ensure that your website is China-optimized since you risk losing your customers to those with better website accessibility.

6 things that manual testing can do but synthetic testing can't in China


6 mins

A high-performing website is essential to keep visitors on your site and offer an enjoyable user experience. While this is true in any market, Chinese websites are […]

Why are synthetic tests necessary to improve your website performance in China?


7 mins

Website synthetic testing is a process of testing a website by simulating user interactions with the website. This type of testing allows developers to identify and fix […]