Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Gain visibility into how your end users are interacting with and experiencing your website or web app with our QA engineers spread throughout China. This monitoring solution offers fast and accurate user-side problem identification and resolution.

  • Real User Experience Monitoring
  • Key Statistical test data.
  • Page Load Performances
  • Customizable solutions

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Manual testing Features
  • Hands on tests, from Real people on Real devices, operating systems and various software environments for PC and mobile.
  • Customizable solutions: testing on China-specific browsers, phones and app stores is available.
  • Superior test methods include statistic test data,real world screen recording proof, browser HAR file for further analysis.
  • Competitor testing to benchmark your product against others in the market.
  • Summary of key performance and usage metrics, now and over time
  • Easily shareable user insight reports

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Manual testing provides great benefits to our clients

Easily share videos with stakeholders. Share successful tests or problems with Commercial partners, suppliers, product manager and technical resources. Flexible test methods. Changing test plans and steps is as simple as writing instructions. We can also test with specific phones, browsers or operating systems. Gain qualitative data for complex applications i.e. streaming video, real-time financial products or Interactive games.

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