Synthetic Testing

Synthetic Testing

Simulate how visitors interact with your website to help you come up with instant solutions for possible issues such as broken pages, slow page loads, or website unavailability. Keep your website security and consistency intact, 24/7 with the following features:

  • Test your website’s availability from all over China.
  • Examine and optimize the load performance of critical webpages
  • Measure and analyze performance trends of your website/application
  • Receive alerts and notification when your website is unavailable, or a transaction fails.

Test Your Website

Know the Moment Your Website Becomes Unavailable

Knowing when your site is unavailable is critical to any business. If your website is down, it hurts your brand, disappoints customers, and negatively impacts revenue. GCC’s synthetic Monitor and troubleshoot all of the delivery chain with visibility into DNS, CDNs, local ISPs, APIs, third-party providers, and more. Whether you’re out of the office or on the go, get notified via email or SMS the instant your website goes down.

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Optimize the User Experience With Faster Load Times

Measure your applications and services using the largest number of synthetic monitors spanning backbone, broadband, cloud, enterprise, last mile, and wireless nodes.Easily identify and fix bottlenecks affecting load times. Our synthetic monitoring tool tracks page speed history, so you can see if the changes you made improved performance or not. With page speed monitoring, knowing when and why your website is slow helps you troubleshoot faster and provide an uninterrupted experience for customers.

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Detect and Fix Critical Site Flow Issues Before They Affect Your Business

Understand what is happening with accurate alerts. See if transactions like login or page/game load are failing, you can be notified before it affects your business with synthetic monitoring. It simulates visitor interaction with your site automatically and will alert you when your critical site flows stop working correctly.

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