China Website Performance
Monitoring Made Easy

Get ahead of the competition by understanding your website's
performance and availability within the China market.

We improve your Website Performance and customer experience.

We help our clients to improve website performance in Mainland China by up to 87%. We do this by utilizing real testers in the Country who help our clients understand user experience performance issues. We guide and assist clients in making the necessary improvements to their software, giving them a competitive edge.

China is a challenging market in which to deliver websites and web-apps. We recommend ongoing monitoring of website performance in each city to a competitive and stable product.

Experience the power of manual and synthetic monitoring with a one-stop hub: GoClick China. Our experienced team of QA engineers based in China do hands-on manual testing while synthetic monitoring is done via our servers to give you maximum visibility and troubleshooting capabilities from both monitoring options.

Manual Testing

GoClickChina testers are spread throughout China to deliver insightful results from various regional locations:

  • Understand your website or app performance based on actual user insights.
  • Find out how users visit your website based on browser choices, operating system, and devices etc.

Synthetic Testing

Identify critical pages and potential website flow interruptions using synthetic monitoring. This controlled testing environment helps you:

  • Do uptime monitoring to see how your website performs across different locations in China.
  • Analyze page loading speeds to troubleshoot and improve features that can enhance overall user experience.

Consulting Service

We assists you in designing test, analyzing data and providing optimization suggestions, and are committed to improving the quality of your products.

Consulting and Marketing

Competitor testing to benchmark your website against other players in the market

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