Solutions and Features

Efficiently and affordably monitor user experience

Experience the power of manual and synthetic monitoring within a one-stop hub: GoClick China. Our experienced team of testing engineers based in China do hands-on manual testing while synthetic monitoring is done via our servers to give you maximum visibility and troubleshooting capabilities from both monitoring options. With data from testing results and your objectives in mind, we can customize solutions that improve the performance of your web properties in China and deliver a better user experience.

Manual Testing

Our manual tests provide statistic test data, screen recording proof, browser HAR files and compatibility of real devices. With our testing reports, you can better understand how your customers actually experience your web properties.

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Synthetic Testing

With a large number of synthetic monitoring servers strategically deployed across China, we can efficiently measure the uptime, performance and transactions of your websites, applications and services so as to identify issues and determine next steps.

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Consulting Services

With insights from our synthetic and manual testing, we can further help you design solutions to improve your online presence in China and offer optimal customer experience.

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Understand how real users are experiencing your site

Compare tests

Stay ahead of the competition.

Benchmark your website against businesses in your industry. Understand your marketing positioning and unveil new opportunities. Our powerful testing data enables you to compare testing data in different conditions such as product type, city, and device.

Compare Test - Chart
Session Recording

Session recording

See how real users interact with your site in China.

A must-have tool to test new releases. Conduct quality control sessions with real users in China. Watch a session recording video to get the big picture of why a test failed and fix your pages faster. Log files can give details on finding bugs, but video and image replay gives you a path to your customer journey.

Session Recording

Ad hoc test

Need to know now? Test for what you need when you need it.

Break from our weekly testing schedule to run an impromptu test. Circumstances like testing a new release, confirming whether an issue has really been resolved, or testing just a specific part of the site, may require ad hoc testing.

Ad Hoc Test
HAR Report

Waterfall chart

Find out which requests are slowing down your website

Loading behavior is visualized in the waterfall chart. See how many requests you have per page, how long each request lasted, different request types, and image and page sizes. Debug performance issues and understand your page's performance better. The Waterfall Chart also confirms all requests you load the CDN from inside China.

HAR Report

Regular report

Build actionable white-label reports

Get a customized summary for manual, synthetic, and network tests. Benchmark and constantly improve your performance month by month and assess your site stability.

Regular Report

Your customized report:

Manual test result

Test from five different cities within Mainland China: Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha, and Shenzhen. Compare with your competitor's performance as a benchmark.

Synthetic Test result

Simulate how a visitor interacts with your website. Synthetic reports compare performance and availability of your website across different locations across China. Routinely check for issues like broken pages, slow loading pages, or unavailable pages on your website or application.

Network Test

We conduct latency and packet loss tests. All network tests will run a certain amount of time from cities throughout Mainland China: Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Jinan, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, and Wuhan.