Efficiently and Affordably Monitor User Experience

Experience the power of manual and synthetic monitoring within a one-stop hub: GoClick China. Our experienced team of testing engineers based in China do hands-on manual testing while synthetic monitoring is done via our servers to give you maximum visibility and troubleshooting capabilities from both monitoring options. With data from testing results and your objectives in mind, we can customize solutions that improve the performance of your web properties in China and deliver a better user experience.

Manual Testing

Our manual tests provide statistic test data, screen recording proof, browser HAR files and compatibility of real devices. With our testing reports, you can better understand how your customers actually experience your web properties.

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Synthetic Testing

With a large number of synthetic monitoring servers strategically deployed across China, we can efficiently measure the uptime, performance and transactions of your websites, applications and services so as to identify issues and determine next steps.

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Consulting Services

With insights from our synthetic and manual testing, we can further help you design solutions to improve your online presence in China and offer optimal customer experience.

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