GoClick China Insights
Web application monitoring


5 mins

Every year web applications grow more sophisticated. New development frameworks arrive every week and advances in database management shift paradigms of storage and retrieval. Even the very […]

VPN site maintenance vs. manual site maintenance: Which is better for your website in China?


5 mins

To ensure your customers have timely access to your website, website testing and monitoring is essential for your site maintenance plan. However, implementing this plan in China […]

Choosing the best hosting for your China website


9 mins

It's a tough decision to make whether to host your China website within China or offshore close to China. Each has its own set of advantages and challenges. By the end of the day, it all depends on how far you want to go with your business and how much you want to budget for your web hosting. Learn more from our deep dive into the pros and cons of onshore vs offshore hosting for China websites.

A short guide to China website testing in 7 mins


7 mins

Proper functioning of a website or an application is very important today, not only for search engines but also to live up to users’ expectations. If your […]

Is my website blocked in China?


10 mins

Why are websites blocked In China? In an effort to protect the culture and mitigate the impact from foreign influences, the Chinese government has maintained tight control over the information and exposure to foreign ideas. The creation of the Great Firewall of China, an umbrella term encompassing regulatory framework and technical mechanism, has given the government the tools to filter out content deemed inappropriate or harmful to the population and the government. To avoid being targeted by the firewall, you need to learn how not to fall into the common pitfalls to protect your business.

Why your eLearning site isn’t loading in China (and how to fix it)


6 mins

The rising popularity of eLearning in China is among the many changes to daily life since the pandemic began. With online learning, students communicate with their teachers […]

The complete guide to the Great Firewall of China (GFoC)


7 mins

The Chinese government is famously restrictive with its internet usage policy. The censorship of web content, especially from outside of China, is a challenge for foreign ventures who want to reach the 989 million internet users in the country. Fortunately, professional guidance on how the Great Firewall of China (GFoC) works can help anyone work around censorship legally and enhance digital exposure for their business in the world’s most populous nation.

We ranked the speed of 14 travel booking sites in and outside of China


6 mins

We tested the site speed of accommodation and airline booking sites operating in and outside of China. The country's heavily regulated internet environment affects the performance of […]