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The rising popularity of QR codes in China why you need them


7 mins

With the deeper penetration of smartphones and the integration of native camera apps, QR codes in China have become commonplace. It has helped develop a consumer habit […]

How DNS Anycast works behind the Great Firewall of China


8 mins

What are DNS and Anycast? What’s DNS? A domain name system (DNS) is like a phone book for the internet, it turns www websites into IP addresses […]

Why cross-browser testing is critical to your business in China


5 mins

Let’s say you’ve already received your ICP license and are ready to launch your website or app in China. Images are loading, videos are playing, and the […]

How does manual testing work in China to help with website performance?


7 mins

While each market has its own strengths and weaknesses, the Chinese market is unique when compared to Europe, the United States, or anywhere else in the world. […]

Why is AWS/GCP not your best choice when hosting in China?


7 mins

When deciding how to host your website, the choices that immediately come to mind include AWS, GCP, and Azure. There are good reasons for these choices – […]

How Gen Z is shaping China's digital landscape


6 mins

China’s digital landscape is in a constant state of flux. Everything in the country has become literally at one’s fingertips, whether it’s on a mobile device or […]

Multi-CDN: a solution for CDN outages


8 mins

How different would the world be without the Internet? Recent incidents such as the Fastly Outage that took airlines, banks, stock exchanges, and trading platforms offline show […]

A Breakdown of China's Android Market


6 mins

The Chinese consumer market is on pace to overtake America by 2034. Offering your app to the people of China is not only lucrative but a necessity […]

How great is the Great Firewall in 2022: methodology of DNS censorship


5 mins

One of the biggest problems experienced by companies doing business with countries with filtering mechanisms as strong as China's is knowing whether or not their website is […]