How to consistently do China testing and monitoring for your website

2022/11/08 | 3 mins

There are several free and paid tools online that you can use to check if your current website address will be permitted in China. According to these tools, they can check accessibility across different locations within China. Some of the common locations where your website's access may be tested are:

  • Beijing
  • Shenzhen
  • Inner Mongolia
  • Heilongjiang Province
  • Yunnan Province

However, these free tools may only give you a simple YES or NO series of results. You will need more information than that to be able to identify potential loopholes in your website's network access. You also need to make sure that you are getting authentic results, as some of these sites may not actually be hooked with Chinese servers that verify and authenticate your IP address or domain name registration.

Aside from domain-related information, there may also be other reasons for getting your website blocked. It may be due to links used in certain content, programming scripts running on your website functions, and even images used in your content may be deemed inappropriate for Chinese audiences. Given these, it's not enough that you know whether or not your website is blocked. You must be able to pinpoint specifically which elements on your web pages or website can cause blockages so that you can fix them even before you prepare the necessary requirements to get your website approved for China.

Knowing how complicated and detailed it is to make a website work in China, it's best to invest in an affiliated agent that tackles all these complexities for you. Among them is GoClick China, which provides clear visibility into the Chinese market using data, analytics, benchmarks, and insights for China-specific browsers and mobile phones.

Partnering with an agent is a worthwhile investment because not only do they help you get your website to pass smoothly along with the Great Firewall of China, but they also help you maintain your website and focus on the upkeep of your content.

Since Google and its host of services are blocked in China, you will need a partner to help you measure the performance of your website across different browsers and device channels that are equally permitted in China. This way, you can have a better picture of who your actual and potential customers are in China.

Agents like GoClick China also offer monitoring and troubleshooting of the delivery chain, allowing you to look in-depth into the DNS, CDNs, local ISPs, APIs, and third-party providers that may be connected with your business. This way, you can identify opportunities and risks when it comes to keeping your networks running smoothly especially if you are running an e-commerce site.

Partnering with an agent also enables you to do competitor studies against similar businesses operating within China--both domestic and foreign. Competitor testing can help build your business and diversify your portfolio as you grow your consumers within China as you learn more about the markets and see where the next trend may be.

All of these can be daunting tasks to fulfill on your own so it helps to have an agent that can provide you with an all-in-one, easy-to-access platform, that provides a hub for all your website maintenance and market research needs.

The best agent partner to get your website up and running in China is someone that has both the technological expertise and platform to allow you to learn about China's Internet usage. Go with companies that essentially have both, so that the legal and technical aspects can be seamlessly taken care of and that you can go through the process more sensibly.

Look for agents who can provide full networking monitoring and testing to ensure the upkeep of your website. You can also benefit from a partner that enables you to access approved third-party vendors for data storage (especially cloud hosting) and security enhancements, thus making your website DDOS-proof from potential attacks. For more information on partnering with agents that work with websites in China and market research, check out GoClick China for details.

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