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The Great Firewall of China - China website testing and monitoring


4 mins

First, there was The Great Wall Of China. Then the Berlin Wall. Some see these walls as a way to protect the citizens living in the country, […]

How does the Great Firewall of China work?


3 mins

Before diving deep into creating websites for the Chinese market, it is imperative to understand what the popular Great Firewall of China is all about. Is it […]

How to improve SaaS performance in China


4 mins

Running a successful SaaS (Software as a Service) website in China is challenging due to China's strict internet laws and prohibition of certain types of content. To […]

Global Accelerator Vs. CDN, which is better for your organization?


6 mins

In this day and age, delivering the best user experience is crucial. Pages that take too long to load, choppy video playback, and service interruptions are enough […]

Does your website need a .cn domain for China?


4 mins

If you are starting a business in China, how would you know if it is better to use a .com or .cn top-level domain (TLD)? Are there […]

All you need to know about WeChat mini-programs


5 mins

The WeChat mini-program, an app-in-app functionality in the WeChat ecosystem, aims to change how we do business. Any technological advancement that benefits people and facilitates their seamless […]

Obtaining an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license in China


7 mins

For people already doing business in China, or those who are planning to provide commercial services in China, an ICP license can provide additional convenience and advantages. […]

Consumer trends: 5 unique habits of online shoppers in China


5 mins

China logged a total of 842 million e-commerce online shoppers in 2021. And the revenue in the eCommerce market in China is projected to reach US$1,412.00bn in […]

Do popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) platforms work in China?


7 mins

Questions like why my LMS is slow in China are common in forums. Although at first glance it seems like a simple problem, the reality is that […]