GoClick China Release Notes: August

2021/09/10 | 3 mins

Domain Status

GoClick China provides real-time testing on domain status checks. There are four domain status checks, which include the regular Domain Registration, SSL certificate, the ICP certification, and the Internet connection test of each city in China. Each check is color-coded, representing the testing results from each domain status: Red means there is an existing issue, orange means you need to pay attention to the testing result, and green means the status is in a good condition.

Availability of Manual Testing

There are different filters (date/city/network type/device) to show the “Availability (Success Rate)" of each manual test. (The Availability = Number of successful tests / Total number of tests). When the Availability is too low, this may cause the end-users to have a poor user experience, and we suggest it needs to be improved immediately. Color coding makes data visualization easier. At a glance, you can see whether the manual test results meet the standard (90%). 

When clicking on each color block from the manual testing result above, we provide two graphs and more detailed data based on different cities as shown below. We would like to emphasize again: it is very common that the test results have huge gaps between different cities in China when we do manual tests.

  1. Heat map: Results of daily manual tests. Green means the test was a success, and red means it's a failure test.
  2. Bar chart: Shows the total number of the "Request Error" in the manual test. Based on your results — if the error rate is higher than 5% — we’ll provide support to resolve the issue.  

Load Time and Error Type

Based on the filters selected, the dashboard will present the load time and request error type of the manual test. Users choose different conditions and the dashboard will display them the chart so they can identify where the real problems are located." Different products will show a different load time and request error type. We should pay attention to the data for load time that is longer than 3 seconds, and the request error rate is more than 5%, which may relate to the poor user experience.

Manual testing: GoClick China provides hands-on tests, from real people on real devices across China. Our QA engineers record the test data, real-world screen recording proof, browser HAR for our clients to gain visibility into how the real user experience of the end-users in China, to provide the best quality of the web performance to the end-user.

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