Major Chinese CDN Providers

Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud)

Aliyun is a cloud-computing leader in China. It offers a vast range of cloud services, including big data processing, data storage, CDNs and relational databases. It has its data centers throughout China. Aliyun offers pay-as-you plans at very reasonable prices with detailed documentation.

  • Real User Experience Monitoring
  • Key Statistical test data.
  • Page Load Performances
  • Customizable solutions

Baidu is famously called as "Chinese Google". The company has had steady growth and is popular among Chinese internet users. Being primarily a self-service provider, it offers an array of web services, including CDN and local hosting.


BaishanCloud is a fast-growing cloud competing company which is gaining a global presence. The company focuses primarily on improving its CDN offerings. It is recognized as the only Chinese service provider with global network capabilities by Gartner Research. BaishanCloud offers 24x7 Live Support and has a broad geographical reach.


Founded in 1998, ChinaCache was the first to give CDN services in China. It provides a complete range of cloud computing services in the country. ChinaCache offers live support in English and gives it services even beyond Mainland China.

Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud is among the largest companies in China and the world's biggest gaming company. The company handles dozens of essential industries, from payment systems, smartphones to social networks. It also offers a lot of cloud computing services. Tencent Cloud offers some cutting-edge features like self-service access and one-click access controls. The company is vast and has a broad reach. So it is going to remain relevant throughout the country. There are nationwide data facilities by Tencent.