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Multi-CDN: a solution for CDN outages


8 mins

How different would the world be without the Internet? Recent incidents such as the Fastly Outage that took airlines, banks, stock exchanges, and trading platforms offline show […]

A Breakdown of China's Android Market


6 mins

The Chinese consumer market is on pace to overtake America by 2034. Offering your app to the people of China is not only lucrative but a necessity […]

How great is the Great Firewall in 2022: methodology of DNS censorship


5 mins

One of the biggest problems experienced by companies doing business with countries with filtering mechanisms as strong as China's is knowing whether or not their website is […]

7 mobile app trends to watch out for in 2022


4 mins

The future of mobile apps is indeed bright and full of potential, with development trends sure to improve on its already amazing usability. Since people are becoming […]

Internet censorship in 2022 (part 2): how blocking is achieved


7 mins

In the first part of the article, four common methods to censor online content are discussed: IP and Protocol-based blocking, Deep Packet Inspection-based blocking, URL-based blocking, and […]

10 eye-opening internet statistics in China


3 mins

[Updated in Jan 2022] China continues to wow the world with rapid growth in Internet adoption and Internet related business activities. From the 2020 release of the […]

GoClick China Release Notes: August


3 mins

Domain Status GoClick China provides real-time testing on domain status checks. There are four domain status checks, which include the regular Domain Registration, SSL certificate, the ICP […]

Why your eLearning site isn’t loading in China (and how to fix it)


6 mins

The rising popularity of eLearning in China is among the many changes to daily life since the pandemic began. With online learning, students communicate with their teachers […]