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Internet censorship in 2022: common methods to censor the internet


6 mins

In other articles, we have discussed how Internet censorship affects businesses both locally and globally, but we have not delved into the methods governments use to exercise […]

Everything you need to know about Chinese CDNs (part 3)


4 mins

We previously discussed the pros and cons of hosting China-facing web properties onshore or offshore as well as the benefits of using CDNs based in China. We […]

Everything you need to know about Chinese CDNs (part 2)


4 mins

In our first article about Chinese CDNs, we talked about the necessity of using CDNs to speed up your content delivery to China's cyberspace. While there are […]

Everything you need to know about Chinese CDNs


3 mins

To deliver content into China's digital market from outside of the country, one of the challenges is latency, which may result in subpar user experience. Even when you use the best hosting servers, you may still get complaints from customers outside of metropolitan centers. CDN comes to the rescue!

6 things that manual testing can do but synthetic testing can't in China


6 mins

A high-performing website is essential to keep visitors on your site and offer an enjoyable user experience. While this is true in any market, Chinese websites are […]

Browser market share in China 2022: What makes Chinese browsers unique


3 mins

With China's regulations for monitoring the World Wide Web, the country has its own Internet browsers that may not be popular with the rest of the world. […]

Major issues facing websites hosted outside of China


2 mins

The rapidly developing online Chinese market is a double-edged sword for online businesses looking to expand there. On one hand, there's the lure of China's 989 million […]

What's an ICP License and why do you need it?


5 mins

The population of China's Internet users hit 930 million in 2020 and is forecast to grow to nearly 1.2 billion by 2025. China has one of the […]

The best social media apps for reaching customers in China (part 3)


5 mins

While we are all familiar with social media and how it works in the West, social media in China, however, is a different beast. Not only are […]