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Mobile apps in China: How to distribute your apps to Chinese mobile users


4 mins

China's controlled Internet policies encompass mobile device usage. Apps are heavily regulated with very specific policies, which therefore made Play Store unavailable while the App Store has […]

Why you need device testing for smartphones in China


3 mins

An enormous user base and a number of local brands make China's cell phone market challenging to offer consistent user experience. Testing is an indispensable tool to make sure your websites and apps are compatible with popular devices and deliver optimal performance.

How to boost your Video-on-Demand service in China


6 mins

According to Statista, the revenue in the Video Streaming On Demand (SVoD) segment is projected to reach US$24.64bn in 2026. Now when we talk about China, according […]

Let the professional tell you why you don’t (always) need an ICP license


5 mins

To serve the Chinese market, companies have previously believed they needed to have an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license. This is not necessarily correct. Obtaining an ICP license […]

How to consistently do China testing and monitoring for your website


3 mins

There are several free and paid tools online that you can use to check if your current website address will be permitted in China. According to these […]

The Great Firewall of China - China website testing and monitoring


4 mins

First, there was The Great Wall Of China. Then the Berlin Wall. Some see these walls as a way to protect the citizens living in the country, […]

How does the Great Firewall of China work?


3 mins

Before diving deep into creating websites for the Chinese market, it is imperative to understand what the popular Great Firewall of China is all about. Is it […]

A short guide to China website testing in 7 mins


7 mins

Proper functioning of a website or an application is very important today, not only for search engines but also to live up to users’ expectations. If your […]

How to improve SaaS performance in China


4 mins

Running a successful SaaS (Software as a Service) website in China is challenging due to China's strict internet laws and prohibition of certain types of content. To […]