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The best social media apps for reaching customers in China (part 1)


3 mins

Social media has long been one of the most important communication channels in China, with the country now having the world’s largest number of social media users […]

China VPN: Is it even legal in China?


6 mins

Whether VPNs are legal or illegal in China, website operators should understand that a VPN does not solve China's internet censorship problems as it is used almost like a last resort. Most website users will move to a competitor in a heartbeat if yours fails to load. Websites that load slowly or with persistent connection challenges may lose the lucrative Chinese market to other competitors. It is vital to ensure that your website is China-optimized since you risk losing your customers to those with better website accessibility.

Impact on businesses of the growing global trend towards tighter Internet regulation


7 mins

Censorship is nothing new. Socrates was censured in ancient Greece in 399 BC for his philosophical convictions. That said, the impact of current Internet censorship on businesses […]

An ICP license is your ticket to China's online market


3 mins

There were 1.02 billion internet users in China in January 2022. This is one of the largest markets of consumers in the world and remains largely untapped by many […]

China's unique eCommerce and mobile payment ecosystem (part 2)


3 mins

Because China skipped the credit card payment model and went straight from cash to mobile payments, much of the money that would have traditionally gone to banks […]

China's unique eCommerce and mobile payment ecosystem drives digital payment transformation


4 mins

China developed a unique e-commerce and payment ecosystem that differs from other major economic markets because of the early adoption of mobile payments rather than debit or […]

Why does your website look different in China's local browsers?


7 mins

Lack of cross-browser testing specifically targeted at Chinese web browsers could result in an improperly functioning website for nearly 50% of Chinese users. That's because, as of […]

How big is WeChat in China?


3 mins

WeChat is one of the most popular messaging apps in China. In the first quarter of 2022, the Chinese multi-functional social media platform had almost 1.29 billion […]

Key points to consider while building your organization's Chinese web presence


6 mins

Having a dedicated business website is essential in today’s environment, and is especially important if your business has a global presence. Hosting your website should not be […]