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6 things that manual testing can do but synthetic testing can't in China


6 mins

A high-performing website is essential to keep visitors on your site and offer an enjoyable user experience. While this is true in any market, Chinese websites are […]

Why are synthetic tests necessary to improve your website performance in China?


7 mins

Website synthetic testing is a process of testing a website by simulating user interactions with the website. This type of testing allows developers to identify and fix […]

Diagnose Your Network in China with Ping and Traceroute, which one is better?


8 mins

If your organization is considering entering China, one of the first steps is to ensure that your current website is accessible from China. This step is not […]

How to boost your Video-on-Demand service in China


6 mins

According to Statista, the revenue in the Video Streaming On Demand (SVoD) segment is projected to reach US$24.64bn in 2026. Now when we talk about China, the […]

Global Accelerator Vs. CDN, which is better for your organization?


6 mins

In this day and age, delivering the best user experience is crucial. Pages that take too long to load, choppy video playback, and service interruptions are enough […]

Why you need device testing for smartphones in China


3 mins

An enormous user base and a number of local brands make China's cell phone market challenging to offer consistent user experience. Testing is an indispensable tool to make sure your websites and apps are compatible with popular devices and deliver optimal performance.

We ranked the speed of 14 travel booking sites in and outside of China


6 mins

We tested the site speed of accommodation and airline booking sites operating in and outside of China. The country's heavily regulated internet environment affects the performance of […]

The complete guide to the Great Firewall of China (GFoC)


7 mins

The Chinese government is famously restrictive with its internet usage policy. The censorship of web content, especially from outside of China, is a challenge for foreign ventures who want to reach the 989 million internet users in the country. Fortunately, professional guidance on how the Great Firewall of China (GFoC) works can help anyone work around censorship legally and enhance digital exposure for their business in the world’s most populous nation.

Key points to consider while building your organization's Chinese web presence


6 mins

Having a dedicated business website is essential in today’s environment, and is especially important if your business has a global presence. Hosting your website should not be […]